Kay Rosen at the Art Gallery of New South Wales

Kay Rosen's exhibition, Map of the World, is underway at the Art Gallery of New South Wales in Sydney's Royal Botanic Gardens. The exhibition includes two large scale wall pieces.

The Gallery’s entrance court is its most public space, traversed by hundreds of viewers every day. But whose space is it? Is it ours or is it yours? In her wall-to-wall project for the entrance court, American artist Kay Rosen conjures with these big questions of possession, occupation and cultural territory.

Rosen has emblazoned one side of the entrance court with YOURS OURS, a vast word painting in which two pronouns – ‘yours’ and ‘ours’ – struggle unequally for ownership of the available wall space...

...Part puzzle, part proclamation, and part concrete poem, Rosen’s project is the latest addition to the Gallery’s long-running series of contemporary projects. Rosen is also represented in the Gallery’ collection by the recently acquired wall painting BLURRED. (click for full description)