Richard Tuttle in Design ≠ Art, Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum

Richard Tuttle, Design ≠ Art, Cooper Hewitt Design, New York

Richard Tuttle's Masculin, produced by Beyer Projects,  was included in the groundbreaking 2004 exhibition Design ≠ Art at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum.
"Curated by Barbara Bloemink, Curatorial Director at Cooper-Hewitt, and independent curator Joseph Cunningham, the exhibition is the first by an American museum to feature functional objects by artists such as Donald Judd, Richard Tuttle, Scott Burton, Sol LeWitt, James Turrell and Rachel Whiteread, among others...

Richard Tuttle recently observed that the creation of design objects by artists is “one of the great secrets of the late twentieth century, and long overdue for a museum exhibition.” His design objects, like his art, are syntheses of Minimalism and post-Minimalism. With whimsical originality, Tuttle juxtaposes unusual materials, manipulates proportions and organizes space in new ways. The exhibition will feature a number of Tuttle’s furniture and design objects..." (Source: Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum)