CAM WORLS: Petra Cortright at UTA Artist Space


Congratulations to Petra Cortright on the opening of CAM WORLS at UTA Artist Space. The exhibition is the first large-scale survey of the artist's video work, presenting 50 videos made from 2007-2017.

The aesthetic of Cortright’s DIY one-woman videos—in which she plays variations of the director, star, and video editor—feels intimately homemade, more akin to a patchwork quilt than an appropriative collage of raw pixels. The work is created using myriad technologies, from open-source screensaver software, green screens, virtual strippers and photoshop, to sublime CGI landscapes. It’s cut down to two-minute experiences, self-referentially ideal for internet consumption by an audience riddled with attention deficit disorders. Her distinctive digital bricolage investigates investigates an ongoing conversation about vanity, personhood, and beauty through the lens of the internet. (source: UTA Artist Space)