How Rodinā€™s Studio Paved the Way for Donald Judd, Jeff Koons, and the Art of the Future (repost)


What better way to kick off 2018 than to brush up on Auguste Rodin and the history of editioned sculpture? Thanks to Jean Jacques Neuer and artnet for this excellent piece. Read the full text at

Rodinā€”who created his works alone but produced them in partnership with others and was an early adopter of the multipleā€”took a forward-thinking approach to the ā€œoriginalā€ that would go on to inform many great artists in the 20th century.

Thomas J. Price: Material Visions at Hales Project Room, New York

TP-Plain to See.jpg

Beyer Projects congratulates Thomas J. Price on his Hales Project Room NY exhibition, Material Visions. The show includes Plain to See, our 2016 collaboration with Price.

The exhibition centers on a bronze statue, Plain to See (2015). The subject, like nearly all of the characters Price depicts, is a black male figure. He wears a plain hooded sweatshirt and sweatpants and holds what appears to be a mobile phone in one hand. His expression and stance are neutral, except for one hand stuffed into a pocket of his sweatshirt. The work poses a challenge to the viewer: how will you choose to see me? The aesthetic and social value traditionally conferred upon the subjects depicted in classical bronze sculptures is recontextualized within a very different contemporary discourse of class, race and gender signifiers. In its arresting monumentality, this anonymous portrait asserts the value of the depicted subject, powerfully subverting traditional social and aesthetic hierarchies. (Hales press release)

Thomas J. Price and Tony Cragg in Frieze Sculpture 2017 exhibition

Thomas J. Price, Numen (Shifting Votive One, Two and Three), 2016 in The Regent's Park, London

Frieze Sculpture 2017 opens today in The Regent's Park, London, and features the work of Thomas J. Price and Tony Cragg.

Frieze Sculpture will open from 5 July to 8 October, presenting a free outdoor exhibition for London and its international visitors throughout the summer months. Selected by Clare Lilley (Director of Programme, Yorkshire Sculpture Park) and featuring leading international galleries, Friezeā€™s first-ever summer display in The Regentā€™s Park will bring together 25 new and significant works by leading 20th-century and contemporary artists from around the world... (

John Baldessari at the Philharmonie de Paris

Beethoven's Trumpet (with Ear) by John Baldessari is on view in Paris through January 29, 2017. The work is included in Ludwig Van: The Beethoven Myth at the Philharmonie de Paris.

Beethovenā€™s life and legacy have become phenomenons that reach well beyond the realm of high culture. The Ludwig van exhibition reproduces his fascinating aura of popularity, which rivals that of political icons and rock starsā€¦ From Gustav Klimt to Joseph Beuys, AndreĢ Gide to Michael Haneke, Edward Burne-Jones to Antoine Bourdelle, John Baldessari, Stanley Kubrick and Pierre Henry, the ghost of Beethoven has continued to haunt artists and fulfil its purpose: to electrify the eye, the ear and the mind. (Philharmonie de Paris)