Julião Sarmento - White Exit

White Exit, 2011
painted bronze, wood, stainless steel, and glass
84 x 33 x 10 inches (213 x 84 x 25 cm)
series of 3

Julião Sarmento's White Exit is a life-size, wall-mounted sculptural tableau produced in an edition of three. Each sculptural element is true to size and exactingly lifelike.

This work was released to coincide with the installation of a room devoted to Sarmento at the Tate Modern. Each work from the series is unique, based on slight variations in casting and craftsmanship.
Julião Sarmento: White Nights, Fundação de Serralves, 2012-2013
Julião Sarmento, Tate Modern Monograph Room, 2010
About the Artist
Julião Sarmento (b. 1948, Lisbon) studied painting and architecture at Escola Superior de Belas Artes in Lisbon and has exhibited extensively since the 1970s. Sarmento's 2012 career retrospecitve, White Nights, was held at the Fundação de Serralves in Porto. It included painting, collage, sculpture, photography, and video.

Available Works
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