Gonkar Gyatso - Untitled


Untitled, 2013
acrylic, paper collage, stickers, pencil, marker and resin on aluminum-backed honeycomb panel
120 x 120 x 2 inches (305 x 305 x 5 cm)
Much of Gonkar Gyatso's work charts shifts in identity in relation to continual migration. It has moved through traditional Chinese brush techniques and Buddhist iconography to high-density pop collages of colourful stickers and cut-out text, playing on but subverting typecast notions of pop art and Tibetan culture while reflecting on the popularity of Buddhism in the West. In combining references to traditional Tibetan life with references to a global mass-media culture that threatens to supplant and extinguish it, Gyatso creates a volatile, ambivalent mix. (Source: Institute of Modern Art)

About the Artist
Gonkar Gyatso (b. 1961, Lhasa, Tibet) moved to London in the late 90s to study at the Chelsea School of Art and Design, and has been living and working in the West ever since. He is the founder of the Sweet Tea House, a contemporary art gallery dedicated to showing Tibetan work, in London. Three Realms, Gyatso's most comprehensive exhibition to date, was organized by the Griffith University Art Gallery (Brisbane, Australia) and exhibition partners The University of Queensland Art Museum and the Institute of Modern Art in 2011-2012.
Available works
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