David Rabinowitch - Gravitational Vehicle VIII for Kepler and Euclid

Gravitational Vehicle VIII for Kepler & Euclid, 2009
mild steel
75 inches (191 cm) x 37 1/2 inches (95 cm) in diameter
David Rabinowitch’s Gravitational Vehicle VIII (For Kepler & Euclid) was originally conceived in 1965, as one of 56 works detailed in three-dimensional sculptures, drawings, and texts. The new sculpture is a unique work made of milled steel, suitable for indoor or outdoor placement.

Anish Kapoor, John McCracken, David Rabinowitch, and Rachel WhitereadFredericks & Freiser, New York, 2009

About the Artist
David Rabinowitch (b. 1943, Toronto) has exhibited internationally for over forty years. Highlight exhibitions include Pacing the World (Fogg Art Museum, 1998) and David Rabinowitch (The Chinati Foundation, 2007-2008). The artist has been a member of the Royal Canadian Academy since 1969.

Available Works
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